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A lack of corporate compliance can cost businesses eye-watering sums of money, not to mention reputational damage. One example is the more than £450 million of fines and penalties that have been imposed for breaches of GDPR legislation. Can your business really afford to be subjected to fines of this nature?

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GDPR Awareness

A Quick Guide to GDPR

Age Discrimination

An Introduction to Alcohol Licensing

An Introduction to Cyber Security

An Introduction to Freedom of Information

An Introduction to Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying

An Introduction to Information Governance

Bribery Act

Data Protection Act 2018

Dealing with Requests for Information under the FOI Act

Direct and Indirect Discrimination

Diversity and Equality

Ensuring Equality in Applications and Interviews

Ensuring Equality when
Advertising a Job

Equality when Recruiting

Exemptions of Freedom of Information

Flexible Working

Gender Reassignment

Harassment, Victimisation and
Bullying in Action Activity

Information Security

Information Sharing with the Police

Maternity Leave

Modern Slavery

Money laundering

Paternity and Adoption Leave


Race Discrimination

Reasonable Adjustments

Record Management and Data Quality

Religion, Belief and Non-Belief at Work

Religion, Belief and Non-Belief Discrimination

Right to Work

Right to Work Game

Sex Discrimination

The Caldicott Principles

Unpaid and Shared Parental Leave

What is Disability?

What is Religion, Belief and Non-Belief?


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