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 Soft skills and wellbeing should never be forgotten.


Our Additional eLearning

People educated in soft skills such as better communication courses are able to resolve conflicts more effectively in the workplace. These courses give learners skills to help them personally develop their workplace experience.

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Understanding Body Language

Body Language in Interviews

Body Language for Sales

Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities

Time Management: Managing
Disruption and Keeping Focused

Time Management: Planning
and Scheduling

Why Questions are Important

Using Open and Closed Questions

Probing Questions

Listening Skills

Barriers to Listening

Becoming a Better Listener

An Introduction to Time Management

An Overview of Performance

Attracting Candidates and Producing Job Advertisements

Creating SMARTER Objectives


Delivering Presentations

Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types

Introduction to Negotiation

Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

Negotiating Strategies 1 –
Strategy Basics

Negotiating Strategies 2 –
Psychological Strategies

Ongoing Appraisal

Organising and Running Effective Meetings

Preparing for Presentations

Preparing for the Appraisal

Shortlisting Candidates and Selection Techniques

SMARTER Objectives for Managers

The Appraisal Discussion

The Importance of Setting Goals in
Time Management

The Recruitment Process –
An Overview

The Role of
the Coach

Understanding and Handling Meeting Behaviour Types Management

Nonverbal Communication

A Background to Body Language

Unproductive Questions

Handling Workplace Stress 

Handling Violence and Aggression
at Work

Harassment and Victimisation

Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks

Lone Working – Hazards and Risks

Personal Safety in Other People’s
Homes and Premises

Preventing Bullying in the

eBytes (MicroLearning)

eBytes are short 2-3 minute videos which focus on one sole learning objective.

Better Retention

Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement and 2/3 millennial learners prefer watching video to reading.

One Objective

Focussing on one learning objective enables learners to digest information quickly and easily.

Use them Anywhere

Use them anywhere, anytime and on any device for compact and focused learning, on the go, at home or work.


Our digital resources are jam-packed with features to engage your learners.

With multiple flexible assets, you can build learning pathways to deliver authentic, digital-age learning experiences tailored to your business needs.



Our digital assets comply with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines. Any audio content has closed captions and our eLearning is fully compatible with the latest supported screen readers.


We undertake a continuous cycle of reviewing and refreshing all of our digital resources to ensure they remain current, modern, and engaging and comply to UK law.



Most of our content is assured by industry awarding bodies such as IOSH, RoSPA and SCIE. Where there is no awarding body, we use our recognised subject matter experts (SMEs). 



All of our eLearning courses have an eBook included. They are versatile and are often used to support virtual group training, address accessibly needs or for remote learners with no network access.


Make your content familiar to your learners by adding your own graphics, change any colours or branding, or your own policies and procedures.


Learner experience is not affected on mobile devices. Our content works on any device and is designed and built with a holistic approach. This allows learners to access your content anywhere on any device. 


Our content is designed with the user in mind. By combining boundless interactivity with humour, storytelling and gamification, it will change your learner’s perception of online learning.


Navigation of our digital content is easy and explained upfront. Learners can’t skip content; the courses are delivered so that all learning is seen. Progress is tracked and bookmarked so the learner never loses their place.

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